India’s glaciers are set to reach a record high elevation of 8,600 feet, but it may take many years to bring the country’s air conditioning into line with its climate goals.

In an interview with the Indian Express newspaper on Friday, the chief executive officer of the Indian Alpine Ski Association, Bhagwan Das, said that the country is aiming for the equivalent of 40 million units of air conditioning per year by 2019.

Das said that a combination of factors would make the air conditioning systems in the country safe and efficient.

First, the system will need to be able to cope with a variety of climate conditions, including extremes of weather, the state of the mountain or the snow cover, he said.

Second, the country will need a lot of infrastructure in order to meet the demand for air conditioning.DAS said that, in order for the air conditioners to work in the mountains, they would need to meet a range of requirements, including power, cooling, lighting and ventilation.

He said that an air conditioner would have to be of a high-quality and efficient type.

“If a company can’t get the proper materials for it, they have to buy it from a foreign supplier.

It is the same for any other type of equipment.”

A huge amount of money has already been spent on the construction of the countrys tallest and most expensive air conditioning system.

According to the National Ice Research Institute, India has about 40 air conditionatories for the total of 1,300km of the Himalayan range.

Air conditioners in India can operate in the high temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius (about 120 degrees Fahrenheit) and cool down to -10 degrees Celsius (-20 degrees Fahrenheit).

The average temperature at the top of the Everest Base Camp in Kathmandu is more than 40 degrees Celsius.

But some people have reportedly been living in tents there since the early 1980s because of the high temperature.

India has also been experimenting with air conditioning for years.

In the mid-2000s, the Indian government began buying large quantities of coolers to cool down the country.

The government had planned to purchase 20,000 of the air coolers for a total of 40,000 units.

But the company that manufactures them has decided to go with a smaller batch and the air condensers are still under production.

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