Air Conditioners are the most popular air conditioners in the world, and they’re worth a lot of money.

But there are some jobs where you could earn as much as $40,000 a year.

Here are the top 25 jobs for air conditioner installers and repairmen.


Air Conditioner Installers and Repairsmen—$40,099 per year The Air Conditioned Repairer, or ACE, is a professional air conditioning installer and repairman.

This position is filled by an experienced technician who installs air conditionators, air condition meters, and other hardware and installation equipment for clients who want to get air conditioning.

An ACE can also install air conditionation equipment to make sure the equipment is working properly.

An individual with the ACE job title has a bachelor’s degree in air conditioning installation or the equivalent.

The job requires the individual to have an aptitude for electrical and mechanical engineering, a high level of skill in air condition equipment installation, and a knowledge of air conditioning technology.

An additional job requirement is the ability to operate equipment such as air condition units and air condition condensers.

An apprentice should be able to do basic repairs on the job, including installing and troubleshooting.

ACE applicants are generally young adults with a high school diploma or equivalent.

They can also earn up to $40 a week working in the same position as a certified maintenance technician, or technician who has advanced certification.

An air condition contractor and air conditioning repairman may work as a team.

The Air Conductor is an individual who works in an air conditioning condenser or condenser unit.

An AIR Conductor must have a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering, and has the ability and aptitude to operate air condition machines, install and troubleshoot equipment, and repair air condition systems.

An Air Conduit Specialist is a specialist in the field of air condition design and construction.

An engineer with the AIR Conduit Job title is required to have a high-level of experience in the design, construction, and maintenance of air-conditioned systems.

This person has a high degree of knowledge in air-condensation technologies, installation, repair, and testing of air condensors and condensiers.

An employee with the Air Condenser Job title can be a full-time employee, but must be certified to work as an independent contractor.

The ACM Job title may also be used for air conditioning technicians who work as independent contractors or contractors for commercial air condition companies.

An ACM has the same job requirements as an air condition controller, but has a higher degree of training and certification.

The Certified Professional Electrician is an electrician who specializes in electric equipment.

This job requires a bachelor degree in engineering or an equivalent.

An electrician with the ACM job title can work in the service or maintenance of electric devices, like air condition pumps, as well as electrical equipment and power equipment, such as electric meters and electrical condensators.

An electrical engineer with a master’s degree can be hired for a permanent job in the business.

An electronic engineer with an associate degree in mechanical engineering is also an ideal candidate for a job with a full range of technical and business skills.

The Electrical Engineer Job title also may be used to describe a technician who specializes and works in the installation of electric, electrical, and electronic equipment.

The person who holds the Electrical Engineer job title also has a background in electrical and computer engineering.

The Mechanical Engineer is a specialized mechanical engineer who specializes primarily in hydraulic, hydraulic systems, including systems for lifting and pushing, aswell as electric power, power generation, and distribution systems.

The work in this job requires knowledge of the technical and engineering aspects of hydraulic systems.

Mechanical Engineers must have high-school diplomas or certificates in a field related to the design and development of electrical and hydraulic equipment.

Mechanical engineers are often engineers working in a technical role.

A Mechanical Engineer Job Title may also indicate that the individual is a certified mechanical engineer.

A certified mechanical technician or a mechanical engineer working as an individual may have more training and expertise than the person who performs the job as a part of an engineering team.

An Electrical Contractor and Electrical Engineer Jobs—$42,902 per year An electrical contractor is a person who operates or provides service to businesses, government entities, or other entities.

An organization is an entity that has a contract with an entity or with a company to provide goods or services.

A person who works for an organization can earn as little as $22,500 a year, which is an hourly wage.

An employer or company will pay for any work performed, such that an electrical contractor can earn between $16,000 and $25,000 annually.

An average electrical contractor’s annual salary is between $30,000 to $35,000.

An electricity contractor has a job title that indicates they are paid on an hourly basis, with some

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